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    Taizhou Xinchao Honing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in Chinese mainland to specialize in producing honing machine, gear honing machine, broaching machine as well as honing tools, honing oil, honing wheel, broaching bit, etc.This company produces may form a complete set friendly can (US), the date enter (Japan), Grimm (Germany), the natrium geer (Germany), the domestic river, north the three machines.

“To spend 10 years to grind a sword” through constant effort and struggle of Xinchao people, with challengeable innovation design, brilliant and stable working performance and wide flexibility Xinchao brand honing machine, gear honing machine and broaching machine are given common favors by many industries of China such as aerospace, auto, motorcycle, sewing machine, mould, powder metallurgy, electric tools, pneumatic component, plug sleeve of oil pump and oil nozzle, gear manufacturing, bearing, hydraulic lubrication components, mining machine, printing machinery, textile machinery, tobacco machinery, hardware manufacturing, precision pipe fittings, parts of reduction device, parts of compressor, parts of musical instrument, industrial ceramic, etc. Presently this machine has gotten the trust and good appreciation from all users with reasonable price, high-efficient working performance and perfect after-sale service. The sales volume of our products keep leading in like products on the home market, meanwhile we have the users all over the country and our products are exported to Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Presently the company has set up the office and technical service station in Beijing, Chenyang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xian, etc. Which has forms quick marketing and service network and provide quicker and available technical support to ours customers.

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